“I’ve made a big mistake. I chose a billing and collections provider that was the cheapest on the market instead of going with a company that was equipped to take care of my needs.” Sound familiar?

What should you do? Have your aging report reviewed to determine how well your current billing company is following up on your claims. Most billing companies don’t collect the smaller amounts or those that are hard to collect. They only collect the profitable ones. For you, that’s a significant loss.

Here’s an example: if there are a lot of $300 claims and the collection rate is 8%, the billing company may not follow up after the original filing because they only stand to make $24 on each one. It’s not a good deal for them. And it’s a really bad deal for the provider because it’s a $276 loss for each of those claims. So where did that money go? It was either a quick, deeply discounted

settlement or it was written off as a patient balance. The provider never knows. A third-party forensic analysis is required to determine the true status.

Have you ever wondered why your provider’s staff is constantly turning over? Do they only send reports when you ask for them? Are you watching your aging report grow day by day but waiting months for claims to be filed and paid?

We know exactly how you feel because we experienced these same frustrations ourselves. We hired what were supposedly the best billing and collections companies, only to experience all of these issues. Fed up with trying to get answers and our money, we went into the business ourselves. Now we hear these same complaints from clients looking for a better way to collect and bill. If you’re ready for a change, call us at 877.775.3023. We’ll care for your business like it was our own.

Supportive Healthcare has the experience, team and technology to recover more money for you, including the hard-to-collect dollars on your aging report.

Client A
6% Collections Fee

Amount Billed $1M
Money Collected $400K
6% Collections Fee $ 24K
Earned Collections $376K

Client A
10% Collections Fee

Amount Billed $1M
Money Collected $600K
6% Collections Fee $ 60K
Earned Collections $540K

In the example, Client A paid $36K LESS for collection service but was $164K LESS than Client B.

The marginally higher cost to collect exponentially greater dollars is the winning strategy.

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Why Supportive Healthcare?

We specialize in behavioral health billing.

Treatment for addiction and other behavioral health issues is incredibly complex. Through extensive education, training and experience, we understand the nuances of the industry.

We help you optimize revenue.

Treatment centers are being squeezed with more and tighter regulations, reduced reimbursements and always-increasing expenses. By using Supportive Healthcare, you’ll optimize your revenue, which will help you continue to provide the best care for your clients.

We provide world-class customer service.

Our trained and experienced staff is available whenever you need information and advice. We’ll do everything we can to help keep your business running smoothly and profitably.

What separates Supportive Healthcare from the competition?

We call it the Four T’s – Transparency, Technology, Training, and our Team.


One of the major concerns when going through a third-party biller, is worrying about what you don’t know. We’re committed to providing the most transparent operation possible, so that you have complete and total access to your data and information.


We use state-of-the art technology to provide the best behavioral health billing services possible. And more importantly, we have the skills and experience to maximize its value to you and your business.


We recognize that any system works only as well as the people who utilize it. That’s why we provide extensive and ongoing training (including on-site) in our software, systems and process.


We’re a dedicated, experienced team of professionals with one goal: to provide you with the highest quality of service possible. We want to make Supportive Healthcare your first choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When choosing a third-party billing company, you have many choices. We understand that addiction treatment and other behavioral health treatments are incredibly difficult. At Supportive Healthcare, behavioral health billing is our specialty. Through education, training, and experience, we understand the nuances of the industry. Treatment centers are being squeezed more than ever, with more and tighter regulations, reduced reimbursements, and always-increasing expenses. By using Supportive Healthcare, you optimize your revenue—which is a must—to continue providing the best care for your clients. Our trained, experienced staff is available for you when you need information and advice. We help you keep your business running smoothly and profitably.

Why should I outsource billing?
The salary, benefits and training involved with supplying your own billing staff costs money. Weigh the annual salaries, sick leave, vacation, employment taxes, office equipment, employee turnover and other expenses against paying someone else to do it and you’ll probably agree that it makes sense.
What if I use staff who already work here?
The problem with using part-time billing staff is that they often cost you more money than personnel whose only job is billing. “Double duty” office staff can be distracted, have other priorities than billing and often don’t receive the training they need to stay on top of laws, regulations and developments regarding behavioral health treatment billing. Remember: missing or minimal reimbursements is lost revenue.
Why should I use Supportive Healthcare?
Our mission is to provide you with the highest level of service for your behavioral health billing. Our knowledgeable staff and advanced technology maximizes your revenue and frees up resources that you can use to grow your company.