Billing & Collections


“I’m hesitant about changing my billing/collections, UR provider…I can’t get out of my existing contract…they have tied my hands…it’s as if my provider knew that I would ultimately want to leave them.” Supportive Healthcare won’t make getting out of your contract difficult. If you’re dissatisfied for any reason, just give us a 30-day notice and we’ll fire ourselves.


We provide the most efficient processing, management and collection of your accounts. Our expert staff and cutting-edge medical software allow us to maximize your revenue and receive it in the shortest amount of time. We offer:


arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Customized electronic claims processing.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Filing of secondary and tertiary insurance claims.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Submission of UB04 and HCFA-1500 claims for both facilities and individual providers.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Fee negotiations and single case agreements.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Advance audits to ensure error-free claims transmission.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Analysis and recommendations for fee structuring.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Prompt posting of payments.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Efficient and effective follow-up on all claims.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Individual patient notes on all outstanding client accounts.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Patient billing questions are personally and efficiently answered.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Reporting on allowables and usual and customary rates.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Customized weekly and monthly reports.