About Supportive Healthcare




Supportive Healthcare was born out of a treatment center in Florida whose owner was fed up with the billing and collections companies he had been working with. He had discovered that after six months, some of the billing and collections still hadn’t been processed, key members of the providers’ staff had quit, appeal days weren’t being fought for and the aging continued to grow. He was tired of trying to get answers and his money!

 Now, we’re calling out these issues in the industry. We hear these complaints and problems from treatment centers around the country all of the time.

 If you’re among the disgruntled clients who are unhappy with your billing company, call us today. We’ll help you receive the earnings you’ve worked hard for, so you can continue to change lives, restore hope and bring healing.

 And by the way, unlike a lot of other third-party billing companies, we’ll let you out of your contract with a 30-day notice if you’re unhappy with our service. Of course, we don’t expect that to be the case.