Utilization Management



Our Utilization Management team is staffed with registered clinicians who have both the clinical and administrative knowledge from the insurer’s point of view. Decades of experience working with insurance payers gives us the ability to obtain approvals on appeals that other organizations would either pass over or give up on after one or two attempts for approval.



arrow_carrot-2right_alt2By providing you with the medical criteria you need to make an accurate evaluation based on ASAM and established accepted standards, our staff will help ensure that your clients receive the highest level of care. We work to provide them with the maximum possible benefits, including longer stays and the best treatment options available.

arrow_carrot-2right_alt2Our Utilization Management team can provide recommendations on protocols and programs, and can provide guidelines in implementing clinical forms, paperwork, and processes. At Supportive Healthcare we do everything possible to serve as a professional and responsible partner with your program and your company.